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4.2. Events

Publish upcoming events for listings, have business owners ability to add events related to their businesses. With paid listing feature, make money by selling business owners membership to publish events in your directory or offer it for free.

To use the events functionality you must have either "Pro" or "Enterprise" license.

Events Settings

The events functionality can be enabled from admin panel, by checking "Enable Events Functionality" on "Events Settings" page under "Settings" menu.

On this page you can also configure the following: 

After the events are enabled and related setting have been saved, the visitors will start getting a new navigation menu labelled "Events" on the website.

Events Categories

Before you move onto adding events, there should be events category defined in your application.

Events categories can be managed from admin panel, by using "Event Categories" option under "Manage Contents" menu. A few sample event categories are shown here.


Adding an Event

If events functionality is enabled and event categories are defined, a user who is registered on your website can start posting an event for a listed business, unless the configuration to allow only listing owners to post events exists.


Here user has to provide information under following heads:


If moderation of event is enabled under the settings then administrator will have to publish the event.

Published Events

Once an event is published, it is shown to the website visitors on "Events" page.



The events list can be filtered on the criteria like:

The list can also be sorted on the given criteria


Viewing an Event

An event is shown with the following additional details and options:



Showing Interest in Event

One can also show his interest for an event, by opting:

When the logged in user has shown interest in the event then the event view changes to reflect the same.

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