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2.1. Installation

Here are the steps to start installation:

Server Requirements

Before proceeding make sure your server supports following configuration:

Obtaining License

You will receive the license automatically via email, right after the purchase. In case you have not, go to our customer portal, login to your account and you will see the licenses link. Once you have the license key, create a file license.txt in directory where you uploaded the script. Paste license key in the file and save it.

In case you're unable to access the URL, please contact our support department.

Installation Process

Please Note: If you are installing this script on a sub-directory like: www.yoursite.com/reviews Please follow the section: Installing under sub-directory, before continuing with these steps.

1. Upload and extract the script to your web host inside 'public_html' or 'www' folder.

2. Change the permissions for the folders as stated below :

3. Create a MySQL database to be used to hold the application's data from your website's control panel. The database collation encoding should be 'utf8_general_ci'. Grant the privileges to a db user to perform all database related operations, you may like to create a new user for the purpose.

4. Try accessing your domain from a browser, and you will be redirected to installation process which will ask you to provide database details and other configurations.

Once settings are submitted, installer will import necessary data in your database and create necessary configuration files.

If you notice any 500 or 404 error, make sure you go through .htaccess gotchas. Many hosts have different configurations for mod_rewrite on their server, so its recommended to refer this article.

5. You can now access the newly installed application on your domain. Homepage: www.yoursite.com and Admin Panel: www.yoursite.com/admin

6. If you intend to use newsletters, paid listings and dynamic pages; you will also need to create a cronjob with the following command and set it up to run every 10 mins:

<your_file_path>/cake/console/cake -app <your_file_path>/app master

Replace <your_file_path> with the absolute path where the script files reside on the hosting server.

Change the permissions to 0755 for /cake/console/cake file (please note, permission for cake file is to be set, not for cake.bat or cake.php)


Go to /app/config/ folder, change the name of core.php to the one you may like, and then rename core.production.php file to core.php

Change the permissions for the /app/config folder back to 0755

Installing under sub-directory

You need to follow this section only if you are installing this script under any sub-directory. For eg: www.yoursite.com/reviews

Here are some changes, that you need to do:

1. Edit .htaccess of main folder, and locate following line:

RewriteBase /

Comment this line, by adding # in front of it, so changed line will look like:

#RewriteBase /

2. Similarly edit .htaccess of /app/webroot folder, and locate the line:

RewriteBase /app/webroot

And change it to:

#RewriteBase /app/webroot


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