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Was thinking of changing my app but is it too slow?

I checked out the sites in the showcase, I ran them all through (ones that were up) and ran them through https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/....

The scores are so slow and it seems that lots of issues exist with these sites in general, stuff that should have been looked at from the crowdvox site.

Has anyone created a site that has a pagespeed even in the 80s for mobile and/or desktop?
Ryan | email
Apr 25 2016, 05:07 AM
Hi Ryan,

We cannot say about the clients who are hosting websites with Crowd Vox tool. There are plenty of reasons why speed can be slow at some servers.

We have guidelines for setting Crowd Vox for optimal speed here:

Some of our demos are slow mainly because of:
- high unsolicited traffic
- not optimized for production (this is intentional because of low caching time, we want people to see changes quickly they make from backend)

Also, if you are targeting a high speed score at Google, it is achievable to go up to 80s easily by making some changes.

However, the concerns you raised are genuine and this is something we'd like to approach with next version so that without any manual work you can control production level settings for speed.

As an alternative, if you have decided to move forward with Crowd Vox, we can also offer you optimization on speed at a small fee. You can get in touch with us through a new support ticket.

Abhimanyu Grover | email
7 hours, 35 mins since original post
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