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Slideshow Homepage or Rotating Image

Would be good to enable the Featured Search Homepage module to be able to load a new image everytime the page is loaded, or some sort of slideshow option.

Also would be good to credit the picture on the homepage of the listing that is being displayed. So if I show a spaghetti dish from a local listing, that listing / restaurant should be credited, so people know where it was taken. An excellent option to upsell to business clients.
Justin | email
Jul 31 2017, 04:27 AM
Hi Justin,

Have you tried "Featured Module" , as it provides option to showcase one or more listings by displaying the images with link to the listing, in form of a slideshow.

If you however want this for "Featured Search" module, then it would require customization in the script. If you want to hire our team for this you may please send your request to helpdesk@crowdvox.com for time and cost estimates.


Vishal Vaswani | email
10 hours, 22 mins since original post
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