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Static Pages - Advertise

Looking for my advertising page to look like the demo:

I was editing some text, and it broke the css / layout. Trying to get it back to the way it was, to no avail.
Justin | email
Jul 28 2017, 12:20 AM
Hi Justin,

Since this page has a mixture of HTML and php, therefore please do not edit this page from admin panel. You can edit this page from file directly. Here is the file path- app/views/pages/advertise.ctp

Please download original file from here- https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0iwq507e0qluua/advertise.ctp?dl=0

and replace with your advertise.ctp and then modify this file using a normal text editor.
Shriti Gupta | email
11 hours, 38 mins since original post
Thank you. Is there a list of other pages like this? Where we have to be careful when editing directly from the admin panel?
Justin | email
22 hours, 58 mins since original post
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