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Secure HTTPS connections with SSL certificate?

Can Crowd Vox being turned to secure with secure HTTPS connections using an SSL certificate?

From non-secure:


To fully secure, :


Please note:

Protection of personal data is encouraged by search engines. Google is already starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, meaning that websites using secure encryption may get a certain boost in Google rankings:


On top of that, Google Chrome developers have officially announced that they are launching a campaign to ensure better protection of websites. Beginning in 2017, the browser will mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure:


In other words, before loading a page the browser will warn the user that this page is non-secure and will suggest confirming your action. Have a look at the screenshot below. No doubt, it will be difficult to retain customer trust.



If Crowd Vox can be used with secure HTTPS connections, could you give me an example of a secure Crowd Vox site, because I can not find any on your site?

Thank you.
Olivier | email
Dec 22 2016, 08:27 AM
You can test by yourself any HTTPS warning from this website:

Olivier | email
12 mins since original post
Yeah you can. I moved my Crowdvox site over to https for the reasons above.

Took a bit of paid customization to make sure all the urls were set to relative, but generally went really smooth and it wasn't expensive at all for the customized job.

Trickiest part may be any 3rd party widgets for social media etc that are harder to control because they aren't being served from your site directly.

Used a similar tool to test with the Crowdvox dev team, no warning errors at all after correcting pages or common elements (stylesheets etc) impacted.
BusinessFinder411.ca | email
1 day, 21 hours since original post
Thank you so much Business Finder Canada!

Congratulations, your SSL Certificate get grade A!


Nice job!

Really good Facebook integration:


Really nice Google Street view. First time I see it into a directory.

Tested a lot. Redirects HTTP > HTTPS are correct.

Great video!



On your "compare Plans" page:


Can you turn OFF "Social Media Profile" (Facebook integration, maybe?) for Basic Free account, and turn ON this feature only for Premium account?

What are your "Multiple Service Areas" for Premium account?
Olivier | email
1 day, 22 hours since original post

Thanks for the feedback.

It's actually more work for your host to install and setup your SSL certificate than to make all of your site https ready. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Both the street level maps and Facebook feed integration (via 3rd party script) are custom jobs that I paid a reasonable price for. I also did a custom job to allow companies to include all of their social media feeds before the latest Crowdvox version release last month that includes this functionality.

I haven't upgraded to 3.0 yet, but it now allows companies to integrate their social media urls as a new feature in the release from what I can see. You can set what tier of membership that allows social media urls being included as a value-add for a paid vs. free listing via the admin panel. It's definitely a good up-sell opportunity to get companies to upgrade their company to a premium listing.

re: Multiple service areas - that's another custom job that allows companies to be in more than one city as a premium listing. Things like multiple categories etc. can be set by you again via the admin panel at no cost.
BusinessFinder411.ca | email
2 days since original post
Thank you so much!

I live in France, and your testimonial gives me a lot of ideas using Crowdvox for reviews on specialized French restaurants field on French market.

You are my Christmas gift;)

Allow me to come back in a few days to ask you some additional questions.

Merry Christmas to you!
Olivier | email
2 days, 1 hour since original post
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